How to Get NIMS Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

nadra vaccination certificate

Getting a vaccination is necessary for all Pakistani citizens. Vaccinated people can enter shopping malls, restaurants, banks, petrol pumps, and even dine-in at restaurants. While non-vaccinated people can’t enjoy these activities. That’s why everyone needs to get injected as soon as possible. But if you’re partially or fully vaccinated. Then you must have a certificate … Read more

How to Apply for NADRA Family Registration Certificate? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Apply for FRC Certificate

If you’re not familiar with NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC). This certificate reflects the family member’s record in the National Database System. Whenever relatives apply for a family member visa FRC is a must requirement. Without FRC, one can’t travel abroad, even for higher education purposes. Likewise, an FRC certificate is necessary to get the … Read more

How to Track Status of NADRA Registered Complaint?

nadra Track Complaint

Using the Nadra Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS), the registered complaint status can be easily tracked. Just follow these simple steps below: Method # 1 — Online Tracking Go to the Track Complaint Enter your “COMPLAINT NUMBER / شکایت نمبر” Then, click on Search Complaint The latest Status will be shown up Method # 2 — Tracking … Read more

How to Install Nadra e Sahulat Software

Back in 2008, NADRA launched e-Sahulat services. It is a network of franchises across various cities of Pakistan, which provides low-cost e-services to its customers. Users can perform electronic transactions like paying the Utility Bills, sending and receiving the payments. All the transactions are encrypted and secured. So, you don’t have to worry about any … Read more

How to Register a Complaint in NADRA Online?

how to register nadra complaint

NADRA Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS) “NCCMS allows applicants to register their complaints without visiting to NADRA Centers.” NADRA launched its online complaint management system that makes it possible to submit your issue within a few clicks. The newly integrated system provides more value to its customer. Traditional Methods to Register Complain Via Social Media … Read more

How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? | Unmarried to Married

How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? — Unmarried to Married

NADRA documents are crucial for every Pakistani-born. These identity papers must be updated and error-free. In Pakistan, whenever a child is born, their name is identified by the Child’s Biological Father. But when the Girl gets Married, her name is transferred from father to husband, pronounced as Marital Status in NADRA’s ecosystem. Marital Status is … Read more