How to Get NIMS Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

Getting a vaccination is necessary for all Pakistani citizens. Vaccinated people can enter shopping malls, restaurants, banks, petrol pumps, and even dine-in at restaurants. While non-vaccinated people can’t enjoy these activities.

That’s why everyone needs to get injected as soon as possible. But if you’re partially or fully vaccinated. Then you must have a certificate while going outside.

Here’s how you can download your covid-19 vaccination certificate:

Online Method

  • Open NIMS website.

  • Enter the required data in fields.
    • i.e (CNIC, Issue Date & Re-Captcha)

  • Now Select your Nationality as “Pakistani”
  • Tick ✔ the “Terms & Conditions” and click “Accept & Continue”
  • Add your Debit/Credit card details & pay PKR 100

  • Take a screenshot of the Payment Receipt or save it.
  • After continuing, review the given information. And correct any mistakes that occur.

  • Download and print your covid-19 e-certificate from NIMS

Note: Afghan refugees get their vaccine certificate by entering (POR )Proof of Registration.

Offline Method

Those who can’t access certificates online. NADRA is providing its offline service.

  • Visit the nearest NADRA center.
  • Get a Token Number
  • Present your CNIC
  • Pay PKR 100/- fees.
  • Get your Certificate.

Importance of Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate:

  • The need to take entry in public or private places.
  • Most essential document to travel abroad or inside the country.
  • Offices, Workplaces, Universities, Colleges, Schools, and many other institutes allow only vaccinated people.
  • You can dine-in in various restaurants by showing the certificate.

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What is covid-19 certification?

It’s proof providing by the Government of Pakistan that you’re vaccinated.

What is NIMS?

NIMS stands for National Immunization Management System. It issues the certificate for vaccinated people.

Who is eligible for covid-19 certification?

Individuals who are partially or fully vaccinated can get the certification.

Which NADRA center provide certification?

NADRA centers all over Pakistan provide certification.

How can I check my vaccination record?

Send your CNIC number at 1166, and you’ll get updated about your record.

How much do I have to pay for the certificate?

You have to pay Rs.100/- to get a certificate. There are no hidden charges.

Can I use Jazz Cash or Easypaisa to pay the fees?

No, you can pay through debit & credit card only.

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