How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? | Unmarried to Married

NADRA documents are crucial for every Pakistani born. These identity papers must be updated and error-free. In Pakistan, whenever a child is born, their name is identified by the Child’s Biological Father. But when the Girl gets Married, her name is transferred from father to husband, pronounced as Marital Status is NADRA’s ecosystem.

Marital Status is mostly for Females because of their name transferring that doesn’t require males other than exceptional cases.

Here in this post, we describe how you can change your Marital Status online or visit NADRA Centers.

Requirements to Transfer:

  • Nadra Original CNIC of (Husband & Wife)
  • Nikkah Nama or Marriage Certificate
  • Visit along with husband & wife

Method # 1 — NADRA Executive Centers

The process to change Marital Status

  • Go to the nearest NADRA Centre
  • Get a Token & wait for a while
  • Present your Documents to the officer
  • Get your printed version of Application

Husband’s Lives Abroad

  • Bring Original Wife CNIC
  • Along with Husband’s Mother or Father

If there is a separation between the couple, then Separation Certificate will require for CNIC’s information updating.

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Divorce or Lost Marriage Certificate

For both cases, you will get an Affidavit Form from NADRA. Attest it from Commissioner to continue the process.

Method # 2 — Online Submission

You can also apply for a change in Marital Status to avoid long queues. Go to Nadra Online Portal and follow the process mention in the video below:

Processing Time to Change Marital Status

NADRA offers various service packages. So, the delivery time of Marital Certificate depends upon the class you choose. Below are the details:

  1. Regular takes up to 30 days
  2. Urgent takes up to 15-20 days
  3. Executive takes up to 7 days

Computerized Vs Manual Marriage Certificate

Are you wondering whether you should apply for the marriage certificate with a computerized or manual signature Thus, you can apply for the Certificate even if you have a computerized version or a manual Urdu Nikkah Nama. Both are documents are eligible.

Any query from your side? Just tell us in the comment section. We’ll answer it ASAP 🙂

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22 thoughts on “How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? | Unmarried to Married”

  1. Assalam-0-Alaikum.
    Hope you are fine by the Grace of Allah.
    Dear Sir.
    My name is Waqas Umar.
    I want to change my marital status from my CNIC .My marital status is Married i want to change my status to Unmarried.and also remove my 2 daughters record in cnic.. because my immigration problem..
    Is this possible.?
    please reply soon.
    Thank You.

    • W’Salam Thanks for asking the question. You can remove the individuals from your list of CNIC only if you have the legal proof of no more relation with them. Or if there is still interaction with them, it may cause complications to proceed it.

      You can contact at 1777 or 111786100 (landline) for more detailed information regarding your question!

  2. ۔
    اسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ محترم آپ ایسا نظام بنائیں تاکہ آپ کو خوش آمدید کہنے والے کو اگر پڑھوانا سٹیٹس اپنی مرضی سے شادی شدہ یا غیر شادی شدہ ہے تو آسانی سے معلوم کیا جا سکتا ہے کہ آپ کو بتانے والے کو معلوم ہو سکتا ہے۔ کوائف لکھیں جو غلط ہوں میں آپ کو بھگتنا رجسٹر کر کے خواہوں کو بھی خط لکھنے کے لیے ایسا آسان طریقہ کار بنائیں جس کے بارے میں شک اور شبہ ہو تو آسانی سے حقیقت کو چیک کیا جا سکتا ہے

    • وعلیکم السلام، اگر آپ شوہر کی شادی شدہ حیثیت کی جانچ کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔

      یہ ٹیکسٹ فارمیٹ ہے: <13 ہندسوں کا CNIC No> اسپیس تاریخ اجراء کی اور 8009 پر بھیج دیں۔

    • You need to update the database from unmarried to married from the Local Union Council Office. You can also contact at 1777 or 111786100.

    • Go to nearby Nadra Center Along with the mentioned Documents. Your database will be updated in couple of day after application submission. For further details call at 1777 or 111786100.

  3. How fast does nadra update their database? If i changed my marital status today will it be updated in the database by tmw?

    • No, it’s not necessary to have Computerized marriage Certificate. You can apply to change the martial status on your CNIC by providing the computerized or manual Urdu Nikkah (نکاح نامہ).

  4. Hi my fiancé says he paid someone to say he was married in 2007 to get a British visa. The visa was refused but the records at Nadra still say he is married.

    Is it actually possible to falsify marriage certificates without actually getting married in Pakistan

    • Hi Smith.
      No, the policies of NADRA is strict now, and no one can make any kind of official document if it doesn’t fall on the merit.

      • Hello aoa I want renew my id card I m married since 2019 now I want to change my id card with husband i m not living in Pakistan they need nikah nam and fadavit this is difficult for me abbrod living fadivit nikah nama upload but still fadavit need it’s necessary

        • All you need is:

          1. Original NICOP / CNIC.
          2. Valid Pakistani Passport or valid Foreign Passport
          3. Nikkah Nama / Marriage paper

          And apply at related High Commission Pakistan office. Don’t worry about if you have no fadivit document.

  5. Hi my wife is from USA we got married and I have the computerized marriage certificate and when I send my cnic no and date issuance to 8009 it says your mobile number isn’t registered with nadra and if my marriage isn’t registered with nadra what do I need to register my marriage with nadra

    • Read this post you’ll get to know how you can update the Nadra’s Database.

      Or if you already done this process make sure to message from the same number you provided while registering for the first time!


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