Jazz Sindh Haftawar Offer

The Jazz Sindh Haftawar offer is available to all residents from Rs. 210 (tax included). The 5 GB of data validity between 2:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., but only 1 GB will be renewed every day due to its low speed limit – which means you will have 4 hours instead! How to subscribe Sindh … Read more

How to Add, Remove and Change Courses in DigiSkills

Add, Remove and Change

Once you enrolled in DigiSkills Batch, you can choose up to 2 courses. But in case you want to change your classes you can do it. Here’s how to add, remove or change courses on your DigiSkills LMS: Log in to your LMS. Click on “Enroll Now” (Batch-#) You can’t add new before removing old. Uncheck … Read more

Places to visit in Lahore for Locals and Foreigners

Lahore: The city of poets, artists, Sufis, emperors, traders & all those who migrated to this territory. Its welcoming culture made its worth throughout the history. Travelers are always curious to explore the city and capture its tradition in their memory. Since the time of the Mughals, there has been a constant addition in the … Read more

How to Get NIMS Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

nadra vaccination certificate

Getting a vaccination is necessary for all Pakistani citizens. Vaccinated people can enter shopping malls, restaurants, banks, petrol pumps, and even dine-in at restaurants. While non-vaccinated people can’t enjoy these activities. That’s why everyone needs to get injected as soon as possible. But if you’re partially or fully vaccinated. Then you must have a certificate … Read more