What is SadaPay? | Account Opening, Features & FAQs

As the name sounds, “Sada” means “Simple” in Urdu. The mission of the company is to replace complexity with simplicity. Offering digital financial transactions without any charges. The branchless infrastructure allows them to minimize their expenditures. That’s why their commitment to the users never compromises and has no hidden fees. Features Free Mastercard debit card … Read more

DigiSkills Latest Batch Courses List 2022

Digiskills course list 2021 batch 11

Currently, DigiSkills is offering almost ten courses. All of them are for non-technical individuals. Even you have no prior knowledge of the topic; still, you can learn them quickly. Its course structure is simple and understandable for all age groups. Since 2018 more than 2 million students learned demanding skills and providing their services in … Read more

How to Track Status of NADRA Registered Complaint?

nadra Track Complaint

Using the Nadra Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS), the registered complaint status can be easily tracked. Just follow these simple steps below: Method # 1 — Online Tracking Go to the Track Complaint Enter your “COMPLAINT NUMBER / شکایت نمبر” Then, click on Search Complaint The latest Status will be shown up Method # 2 — Tracking … Read more