Detailed guide you must need to know about Raast Digital ID | Creation Steps, Features & FAQs

raast pakistan's instant payment solution

State of the art in the FinTech industry of Pakistan, PM Imran Khan, officially launches the Peer-to-Peer Raast Digital payments system. You may be surprised to read that Raast doesn’t have any mobile App or USSD to make your payments. Instead, it provides backend services to link the different banking networks. In the past, there … Read more

What is SadaPay? | Account Opening, Features & FAQs

As the name sounds, “Sada” means “Simple” in Urdu. The mission of the company is to replace complexity with simplicity. Offering digital financial transactions without any charges. The branchless infrastructure allows them to minimize their expenditures. That’s why their commitment to the users never compromises and has no hidden fees. Features Free Mastercard debit card … Read more

How to get Sadapay Debit Card?

how to get sadapay debit card

Once you register your account, the very next thing on the app will show the #waitlist. What is Waitlist? Sadapay wants to give free cards to the new users. But due to high demand, the company introduce the waitlist. In simple words, it’s your turn list. Card Types MasterCard PayPak Founder’s Club Card Want to … Read more

SadaPay Complete Charges Schedule | Transactions, Debit Card & Foreign Remittances Fee

Charges Schedule, sadapay fees

The SadaPay is simple and has a minimized charge structure to provide a cost-effective banking experience. For most of its services are free, including: Account Opening Monthly Charges Annual Charges Mobile Banking SMS Alerts Minimum Balance Requirement First Time Debit Card Issuance Local Bank Funds Transfer Meanwhile, it only charges a bit for international financial … Read more