Ufone 24 Ganta Offer Latest Package You can make as many calls

Ufone 24 Ganta Offer You can make as many calls throughout the day for any non-stop communication as you want with this 24 Ghanatay offer!

How to subscribe to the Ufone 24 Ganta offer

  • Activation code: Dial * 5700 #
  • Valid until: 24 hours

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Terms and conditions

  • This offer is only for those willing to pay a little extra for the privilege of staying connected.
  • This means that you will get more than what your monthly plan offers, and that there is no risk involved!
  • When subscribing or automatically renewing at noon each day (Monday to Sunday), all services will be billed with 15 additional countries / call

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With the 24 Ghanatay offer, Ufone customers can make as many calls as they want throughout the day for non-stop communication. So whether you need to call your mom every hour or just once a month, this deal will give you more minutes than any other plan on the market and save you money on your monthly bills. Keeping in touch with family and friends without worrying about surpluses has never been easier!

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