Multan Feeder Bus Service | Route, Fare & Timings

Multan Feeder Bus Service started in January 2017. The service was integrated by keeping the routes of Metro Bus in mind. So, if you’re travelling by Metro, the stations of Speedo Bus will also facilitate you to reach the destination.

The Phase-I of the project is divided into 11 different routes, which cover the 68.53 km of distance. A total of 100 buses are on board to meet the rider’s demand. According to road conditions, all buses are Mini type, allowing for easier driving in congested areas.

Below the table provides the route, distance and other details:

Route #From-ToBus TypeDistance (kms)No of Buses
FR-1Chowk Kumharanwala to Dera AddaMini7.7812
FR-2Suraj Miani to Qila Kohna Qasim BaghMini6.186
FR-3Khaad Factory (Pak Arab Fertilizer ) to Chowk Ghanta GharMini7.7212
FR-4Naag Shah Chowk to Vehari ChowkMini11.649
FR-5Canal Bridge to Chowk KumharanwalaMini3.937
FR-6Fatima Jinnah Town to Haram GateMini4.138
FR-7Dunyapur By Pass to Ahmad AbadMini4.528
FR-8Mohallah Wazirabad to BCG ChowkMini4.578
FR-9Railway Station to Chungi No.9Mini5.7210
FR-10Nawabpur Road Faiz e aam Chowk to Chungi No.9Mini6.3410
FR-11Railway Station to Vehari ChowkMini610


Operation Hours: From 6:15 am to 10:00 pm


Helpline Number: (061) 111-222-627

32 thoughts on “Multan Feeder Bus Service | Route, Fare & Timings”

  1. your service is available
    I am traveling in this bus VFM098
    from Aziz Hotel to Shershah
    sir I AM Disabled person asked your conducter for disable person seat He did not cooperating person.
    Muhammad sagheer SST government comprehensive school Muzaffar garh

  2. Aoa..sir I m living in garden town near nadrabad phatak..can I tell me which root bus come here and tell it’s timing ..plz reply asap

    • W’salam, Sulman Ghaffar, for Garden Town Feeder Route 11 is operational. For further assistance you can call at (061) 111-222-627

  3. Now the routes of Feeder Buses have changed but I don’t see any updates online about the routes. Just like FR-11 now travels from Vehari Chowk to CMH via Dera Adda while previously it was FR-11 Vehari Chowk to Railway Station. I’d really appreciate if you guys can upload the latest routes and update stops on Google Maps as well.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Rehman thanks for commenting. Since there is data provided upon the new routes. As we got it will try to update on the posts also.

      Regards: M.Hussain

  4. سورج میانی فیڈر بس بند کر دیں تو اب بہتر ہے سب سے چھوٹا روٹ ہے یہ اور قاسم فورٹ اسٹیشن سے 2 کلومیٹر درو اتار دیتے ہیں تو مسافر بیچارے چل چل کہ تھک جاتے ہیں ان میں بزرگ بوڑھے سب لوگ
    برائے مہربانی قاسم فورٹ اسٹیشن تک فیڈر بس جانے کا حکم دیں
    If Suraj Meani Feeder bus is closed, then it is better, it is the shortest route, and if it is 2 km away from Qasim Fort station, then the poor passengers are getting tired.
    Please order feeder bus to Qasim Fort station

    • W’salam, information is mentioned on the above post. If you want more details contact on helpline at (042) 111-222-627.

  5. Respected this is Jamal Nasir from Quetta. today I avail the veda bus service which is up to the mark. the only suggestion is to display a visible bus stop 🛑 for which every passenger will face no issue and no queries to ask from stranger. Because the stalled or displayed borads are not enough or visible due to small size and damage.

  6. sir ,is there any bus from wum matital campus to northern bypass at12:pm.if no than please sir make the veda route at these places.


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