Jazz SIM Lagao Offer Latest Package

If you have not used your Jazz SIM in the last 30 days, the Jazz SIM Lagao offer offers you a new reactivation offer. You will get 50 minutes per day of free calls, 3000 SMS and 6 GB (3 GB of WhatsApp) of internet. If customers use Rs 15 or more, they will also receive: 100 Warid-Jazz + minutes, 100 SMS & MBs (2G except 21h -1h) of internet valid for 1 day. To take advantage of this offer, dial * 551 #

The offer allows subscribers who have not recently used their SIM card to take advantage of an incredible opportunity with 50 minutes per day (to call), 3000 text messages and 6 GB of data, including all networks messaging applications social such as WhatsApp

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How to subscribe to the Jazz Sim Lagao offer?

  • Activation code: * 551 #
  • Valid up to: 60 days
  • Remaining credits: * 553 * 2 #
  • Info code: * 551 * 3 #

terms and conditions

  • Customer bonus minutes are valid for 60 days and calls made with the offer will be charged 0.17 / minute.
  • Customers who have activated this package before Chand Raat (the Islamic New Year) can still use it during the Eid holidays, but those who have not activated can only activate their gifts after the end of these holidays.
  • This is to ensure better service to Warid jazz customers already using jazz + plans by activating * 551 # on their phone as a means of subscribing to the Internet plan offered here which works in any area of ​​the network.

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The offer is a great opportunity to reactivate your service and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. With this new offer you can get unlimited voice calls for 50 minutes per day, 3000 SMS and 6 GB (3 GB for WhatsApp) of internet. If you make a purchase worth Rs 15 or more, you will also be able to benefit from additional Warid-Jazz + minutes, 50 SMS & MBs (2G except 21h -1h) of internet valid for 1 day. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to activate your Jazz number now!


How to benefit from the Jazz SIM Lagao offer?

Dial * 551 # from your phone to activate the Jazz offer.

How to check the remaining status of the Jazz SIM Lagao offer?

To check your Internet data (MB), SMS and remaining minutes, dial * 553 * 2 #

How can I view the free Jazz minutes?

Dial * 117 * 88 * 2 # to check the status of a free plan. The minutes and SMS included in this plan are non-transferable, so keep it to yourself!

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