How to get New Currency Notes in Pakistan? [Complete Guide]

We all need currency notes, whether it’s a sale, purchase of items, or any other reason. Without notes, one can’t think their life will be operational anymore. So, here in this article, you’ll learn the process of getting New Currency Notes in Pakistan.

Currency Notes

In simple words, a currency note is a government treasury issued by the regulatory authority of any state within a specific border. It is a specially printed piece of paper having the face value of the mentioned digits.

For example, an Rs.5000/- note contains a value of 5k.

Types of Currency Notes in Pakistan

Pakistani currency notes have an old historical background since its independence. Various coins and notes were being used for financial transactions. But currently, the market circulating money includes:

  1. 10 Rupee
  2. 20 Rupee
  3. 50 Rupee
  4. 75 Rupee (commemorative)
  5. 100 Rupee
  6. 500 Rupee
  7. 1000 Rupee
  8. 5000 Rupee

Getting New Currency Notes in Pakistan

The procedure to get fresh money is simple. An individual having a bank account is more at ease with this task.

Method # 1: Via SMS Service by SBP

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the SMS App on your mobile phone.
  • Go to > New and Type “ID Card Number <space> Branch Code.”
  • Send the message to “8877.”
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message for the collection of new notes.

Method # 2: From Bank Branch

If you have a bank account in any of the commercial, private, or government sectors. You can get fresh notes. Here’s how:

  • Visit your home bank branch.
  • At the counter, tell them to provide new currency.
  • Then, pay the same amount you’re receiving for the new ones.

Note: The bank policies apply depending upon the condition. For more details, visit their official website.

How to get a 75 Rupee Note in Pakistan?

rs 75 note

State Bank of Pakistan announced the banknote of Rs.75/000/-. It is a commemorative note launched at the country’s 75th independence special event. Its color is green, with a picture of four great leaders. At the back, the national animal Markhor is printed.

In order to get your copy of this note:

  • First, visit any commercial bank or state bank regional branch.
  • Then, pay the amount and collect it.

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SBP Contact Info

Address: I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi, Pakistan.

Helpline: U.A.N. 111-727-111


Email: [email protected]


Who issues new currency notes in Pakistan?

The State Bank of Pakistan officially issues fresh currency notes and distributes them to private and commercial banks. So they can facilitate their depositors and account holders.

Which branch code do I have to enter while messaging 8877?

Well, it depends upon the areas you live. For convenience, type the branch code where you hold an account and are near you.

Whose ID card number is required to enter?

It’s best to enter your CNIC number if you’re applying. If someone else is applying, they have to type their ID digits.

Can I use a 75 rupees note for business and personal financial transactions?

As per the SBP Act 1956 sec 25, Rs.75/- note is a legal tender. Therefore, one can use this note for all legit transactions.

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