How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? | Unmarried to Married

NADRA documents are crucial for every Pakistani-born. These identity papers must be updated and error-free. In Pakistan, whenever a child is born, their name is identified by the Child’s Biological Father. But when the Girl gets Married, her name is transferred from father to husband, pronounced as Marital Status in NADRA’s ecosystem.

Marital Status is mostly for Females because of their name transferring that doesn’t require males other than in exceptional cases.

Here in this post, we describe how you can change your Marital Status online or visit NADRA Centers.

Requirements to Transfer:

  • Nadra Original CNIC of (Husband & Wife)
  • Nikkah Nama or Marriage Certificate
  • Visit along with husband & wife

Method # 1 — NADRA Executive Centers

The process to change Marital Status

  • Go to the nearest NADRA Centre
  • Get a Token & wait for a while
  • Present your Documents to the officer
  • Get your printed version of Application

Husband’s Lives Abroad

  • Bring Original Wife CNIC
  • Along with Husband’s Mother or Father

If there is a separation between the couple, then Separation Certificate will require for CNIC’s information updating.

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Divorce or Lost Marriage Certificate

For both cases, you will get an Affidavit Form from NADRA. Attest it from Commissioner to continue the process.

Method # 2 — Online Submission

For Local Residence of Pakistan

  • Click on the NIC Link
  • Select Query Type to Modify Data or any you want.
  • Then Click on the Apply Button below.

For Overseas Pakistani

  • Click on the NICOP
  • Select Query Type to Modify Data
  • Now, Tap on “Change Marital Status”, then See Solutions
  • Then Click on the Apply Button below.

Follow the process mention in this video below:

Processing Time to Change Marital Status

NADRA offers various service packages. So, the delivery time of Marital Certificate depends upon the class you choose. Below are the details:

  1. Regular takes up to 30 days
  2. Urgent takes up to 15-20 days
  3. Executive takes up to 7 days

Computerized Vs Manual Marriage Certificate

Are you wondering whether you should apply for the marriage certificate with a computerized or manual signature Thus, you can apply for the Certificate even if you have a computerized version or a manual Urdu Nikkah Nama. Both are documents are eligible.

Any query from your side? Just tell us in the comment section. We’ll answer it ASAP 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How to change marital status if husband and wife live abroad?” answer-0=”They can apply by visiting the Nadra Office in their country. Or apply online by following the process stated above.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Does it is necessary to change the marital status?” answer-1=”Of course, if you’re living outside Pakistan you need the updated NIC for many purposes of immigration!” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Can I register on Pak Identity website with someone else data?” answer-2=”No, for your application you can’t enter someone’s information. Otherwise, there is a chance of rejection from Nadra.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

168 thoughts on “How to Change Marital Status in NADRA Database? | Unmarried to Married”

  1. Assalam-0-Alaikum.
    Hope you are fine by the Grace of Allah.
    Dear Sir.
    My name is Waqas Umar.
    I want to change my marital status from my CNIC .My marital status is Married i want to change my status to Unmarried.and also remove my 2 daughters record in cnic.. because my immigration problem..
    Is this possible.?
    please reply soon.
    Thank You.

    • W’Salam Thanks for asking the question. You can remove the individuals from your list of CNIC only if you have the legal proof of no more relation with them. Or if there is still interaction with them, it may cause complications to proceed it.

      You can contact at 1777 or 111786100 (landline) for more detailed information regarding your question!

      • Hi good day
        I was married on 16/07/2012 and I have nadara marriage certificate but there is no mention our both CNIC number, but our B farm or my son birth certificate and our FRC is completed also maked passports on second time with these documents, but now I want to k ow how can enter/edit CNIC number on marriage certificate? Please reply me dear

          • Hi I’m an overseas dual citizen. A single mother residing in uk ! I have my ID card but to apply for my daughter they want a marriage certificate ! I’m not married . My daughter’s dad is not Pakistani and she’s born in the uk. My daughter’s application is deferred until I update my martial status ! I can’t do this without declaring I’m not married

          • Hi, until or unless you declare yourself as married it isn’t possible for your daughter to get her ID card under your family-tree.

            Regards: M.Hussain

      • I want to change my merital status but I live along with my mother my is not with me with out the preacher of husband how can I change my merital status in nadra

      • Sir mere wife ka phly id card phly waly husband py bna howa hai ab mai ne apny name py karwna hai us ke ley nikah nama and divorce cetifcate ki zarort hai bs?

          • mera aik question hai agar mera status nadra mein married hai laiken mery husband ka unmarried he hai humari ab seperation hochuki hai laiken divorce nahen hui meri beti ka union council se birth certificate unhi ke naam per hai laikn nadra se crc ya frc bnwanay k lie unka status married hona zaruri hai kyunke wo apna koi b legal taluq beti se associate ne karna chahtay aur talaq bhi nahen di tou kia meri beti ka frc aur b form kese bnayga phir?

          • jab tak ap k husband ka status married declare nhi hojta Nadra me tb tk ap beti ka FRC ya CRC k liye apply nhi krsky gi. Because ye legal process ha wrna without parents complete identity child k documents issue nhi hty Nadra ki trf sy!

            Regards: Hussain Bhatti

      • salam sir kya shadi shoda aurat husband key bajaye father ka naam pasport main lik sakti hai jahan braket main (husband name)ou(father name) choice karna hota hai

      • Salam sir ,I am Azhar ,my wife didn’t get any I’d card yet. It has been 14 years since we get married now I want to get her I’d card with my name,should I form my own account or wife,’ account online.
        Plzz guide me

      • Asslam o Alaikum Sir,
        Maen saudia mein hu or apni wife ko b saudia lana chahta hu, meru wife ka I’d card unky father k name se bana tha ab maeny apny bame se bnwana hy lin maen saudia or wife Pakistan mein hy, tou I’d card k liye kya process hoga, kiun k passport pr mera name hona zroori hy wife k sath

        • W’salam, apki wife apky parents k sth Nadra center jain, aur sb documents ID CARD, Nikkah Nama b ly jy wha sy data modification k liye apply kr dein. Aur ye process ap online bhi kr skty hain upr post me process mentioned ha wo follow krein. Shukriya!

  2. ۔
    اسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ محترم آپ ایسا نظام بنائیں تاکہ آپ کو خوش آمدید کہنے والے کو اگر پڑھوانا سٹیٹس اپنی مرضی سے شادی شدہ یا غیر شادی شدہ ہے تو آسانی سے معلوم کیا جا سکتا ہے کہ آپ کو بتانے والے کو معلوم ہو سکتا ہے۔ کوائف لکھیں جو غلط ہوں میں آپ کو بھگتنا رجسٹر کر کے خواہوں کو بھی خط لکھنے کے لیے ایسا آسان طریقہ کار بنائیں جس کے بارے میں شک اور شبہ ہو تو آسانی سے حقیقت کو چیک کیا جا سکتا ہے

    • وعلیکم السلام، اگر آپ شوہر کی شادی شدہ حیثیت کی جانچ کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔

      یہ ٹیکسٹ فارمیٹ ہے: <13 ہندسوں کا CNIC No> اسپیس تاریخ اجراء کی اور 8009 پر بھیج دیں۔

      • Sir mainy apny wife ka id card ka status change krwaya hy us k father k name sy ab shohar k name pr transfer krwaya hy lakin hamy jo tracking id ka token mila hay us par wife k father ka name likhahy kiya id ka husband k name sy ban kr aye gaya father k name sy plz mujy bata dain

      • Asslam alikum kis py id card number likh kr bhejna hai to marriage status check kr skty hen
        Ur kesy typ krna hai likh kr sent kr dyn asani ho jay ga hmko typ krny m

        • W’salam, send the cnic number to 8009 to check the marital status.

          From your registered mobile number in NADRA to 8009 your National Identity Card number Space Date of issue dd-mm-yyyy
          Send SMS and you will receive the details of your family members (family tree) in response.

    • You need to update the database from unmarried to married from the Local Union Council Office. You can also contact at 1777 or 111786100.

        • Asslamu Alikum
          Sir my husband live abroad.un sy embassy boht dour ha main yehien sy unka material status change krwana chahti hon matlb married krwana ha. Mera I’d card be husband name sy ban gaya ha or nikah nama be computerized ban gaya ha tarika Bata dain please

          • W’salam post pr process mention ha ap follow krein. Nadra ki official website sy online apply krdein apk husband k namr pr ban jy ga.

    • Go to nearby Nadra Center Along with the mentioned Documents. Your database will be updated in couple of day after application submission. For further details call at 1777 or 111786100.

  3. How fast does nadra update their database? If i changed my marital status today will it be updated in the database by tmw?

    • No, it’s not necessary to have Computerized marriage Certificate. You can apply to change the martial status on your CNIC by providing the computerized or manual Urdu Nikkah (نکاح نامہ).

  4. Hi my fiancé says he paid someone to say he was married in 2007 to get a British visa. The visa was refused but the records at Nadra still say he is married.

    Is it actually possible to falsify marriage certificates without actually getting married in Pakistan

    • Hi Smith.
      No, the policies of NADRA is strict now, and no one can make any kind of official document if it doesn’t fall on the merit.

      • Salam brother i wanna ask something i am a overseas pakistani in dubai i was married in 2018 just nikkah we never live together and no rukhsati and all and after 2 years of bad misunderstandings and bad relationship we broke and i give her divorce by my side and i have urdu written divorce papers by my side now i wanna change my marital status in nicop so what should i do .assist me thanks

        • W’salam, in order to change the status follow the mentioned process. Also, for your information, the khula from a court from the wife’s side is done after three partial divorces in 3 sequential months.

      • Hello aoa I want renew my id card I m married since 2019 now I want to change my id card with husband i m not living in Pakistan they need nikah nam and fadavit this is difficult for me abbrod living fadivit nikah nama upload but still fadavit need it’s necessary

        • All you need is:

          1. Original NICOP / CNIC.
          2. Valid Pakistani Passport or valid Foreign Passport
          3. Nikkah Nama / Marriage paper

          And apply at related High Commission Pakistan office. Don’t worry about if you have no fadivit document.

    • AOA
      i want to ask a question
      meri shadi last week hui aur mere spouse in uk hain aur mein pk ki aur un ki mujh sth 2nd marriage hai fst wife se divorce hai tu mein apna marital status chng kerwana chahti tu mujhe kia papers nadra le k jany chahiye plz tell me

  5. Hi my wife is from USA we got married and I have the computerized marriage certificate and when I send my cnic no and date issuance to 8009 it says your mobile number isn’t registered with nadra and if my marriage isn’t registered with nadra what do I need to register my marriage with nadra

  6. Assalam o Alaikum
    I got married 2 months earlier.
    We both are in different countries (none of us is in Pakistan)
    For immigration purpose they ask for my FRC that shows my Family Tree not my Fathers.
    My wife still got her Father’s name on her Smart Card.
    She applied online for NICOP but it’s so complicated and lengthy procedure.
    So, my question is can her Father/Brother can go to Nadra and apply for her new Smart Card with my name’s on it? She will sign authority letter.
    We have a computerized marriage certificate but whenever i requested for FRC (by Marriage) it says that you are not eligible.

    Your help and kind comments will be really apprecaited.

    Thank you!

    • W’Salam thanks for asking such kind of question!

      All you need is Nikkah nama / marriage certificate – Passport/POC/POR/ACC (in case of foreign spouse) (For marriage)

      Note for offline application: If Nikkahnama/ marriage certificate is not available, then presence of spouse. If spouse is not available, then presence of any one from in-laws (parent) will be mandatory.

      For Online Submission

      Tip: Make your account on before you apply to make the process easy.


      Go to

      Then Select “I want to modify on my NICOP”

      Now, Click on “Change Marital Status” in the below options

      Then, Tap on “See Solutions”

      Scroll Below You’ll See the “Apply Now” button click on it.

      I hope once this procedure is done, the transferred card application will be submitted successfully.

      Further, any queries, ask freely I’m available to assist as best I can 🙂

  7. Hello,

    How can i change my marital status in the data base from single to married?

    I’m not in Pakistan.
    I don’t want to apply for a new CNIC or NICOP.

    Thank you!

    • I already answered the query follow the process thoroughly. If You don’t have to apply for new card instead select the “modification” option.

      Regards: Hussain Bhatti

  8. Assalam Alaikum,
    my husband is in Oman and their CNIC status is not married. I want to change their status from unmarried to married. I have seen the video you uploaded but I cant understand as it talks about the card delivery. what should I do in that scenario. kindly update

  9. Assalamalykum
    Dear my name is imran and my wife currently name iS nida Rani but now she is my wife and i want to change her name NIDA IMRAN kindly aware me the procedure regarding this matter and i have computerized Nikkah Nama

    • W’Salam, Brother visit Nadra Center near your location. And go there along with your Original CNIC & your wife, Nikkah Nama or Marriage Certificate & apply for CNIC modification of your spouse.

      • salam sir jis tarhan cnic main shadi key baad apni merzi se husband ya father ka naam lik saktey han kya pasport per bhi is tarhan hota hai aur is ke liye kis sey rabta karna hai

  10. Salam hope you’re doing well
    I recently renewed my cnic to nicop and modified my marital status and thankfully I got my nicop which has my husbands name on it, now I want to renew my passport online when I put my identity number it says your marital status needs to be modified on nadra cnic record, i dont understand what to do now beacuse of this reason I can’t renew my passport.

  11. i want to change my marital status , but my husband and his family including his sisters live abroad.
    what procedure can be followed?

    • You can apply it online. Have a look, above I mentioned the complete procedure.

      Any further questions from your side ask freely.

  12. SalamAlikom sir .. I applied for changing my wife status online to be married.. and its changed now to married .. do the husband need to change the martial status also ? and apply for new application for modify ? or it will change automatically the husband status after changing the wife status

    • W’salam it’s enough to change the martial status from one side.

      If you’re still curious you can contact at

      +92 51 111 786 100

      (Monday to Friday 08:00-21:00, Saturday 09:00-16:00 to take your call.)

  13. both wife and husband need to apply to change their martial status ? or its enough if changed the wife martial status ?

  14. Hi, Hope you are doing well

    I have a question I am trying to applying a NICOP for my daughter and while doing the application when I enter my details it says your martial status is not married change your martial status first. My passport has also expired and i am in process of applying for new passport. My question is:
    – Should I fill modified passport application? And by doing that will it also change my status in NADRA data base so i can apply for NICOP for my daughter?
    Please advise thanks!

    • Shahrukh Rashid,

      You should apply for martial status change first. Because you are not updated on Nadra’s Database as a married person.

      Also, Passport is consider as separate entity by Nadra. (It won’t change martial status on renew)

      Therefore, when marital status process is done you’ll having no issue for applying for NICOP for daughter.

      Regards: Hussain Bhatti

  15. A.o.a
    Sir mane apna I’d card married me change krwana h r mera husband saudia hota han r un ka b abe married me change ni howa wa to kya mera phla change ho skta h

    • W.S, ap Pak Id ki website sy online apply krdein. Wha modify martial status ki option ay gi change hojy ga new ID card pr.

  16. I have my Marriage certificate(2020) from Nadra but did not change my marital status but now I’m required to submit an FRC for the visa. Is there a way i can change it in 2-3 days max? I’ve already booked tickets and leaving in 10 days.

  17. Assalam Alikum.
    I live in Australia. Im nt a citizen here yet. I got married last December in Pakistan. I got my wife’s cnic and passport changed to my name but i didnt change my cnic status (forgot to).
    My question is,
    1. do i need to change my marital status as well?
    2 as i need to apply for a family registration certificate to apply for my wife’s visa, can i do that online ?

  18. Assalam o alaikum!
    Sir, I am married but my marital status shows non-married..kindly tell me that how to update my marital status urgently
    My wife marital status show married but me un-married

    • W’salam, if you’re status is showing unmarried you can change it online by following the procedure mention above.

      Or visit nearest Nadra center for modification.

    • To get cnic on your father’s name back.
      Visit Nadra Center with court decree of divorce or khula papers from court evidence that the divorce has been given to you.

      • salam to u sir
        sir i want to ask u one qs, meri khula hogaye thee 2018 main.magr main papers nai ley saki,abb main nay kuch time pehlay lawyer ko call kari tu usnay bola kay search karain gay.main single parent hon or main nay bahir dubai main cv behji thee.jiska jawab abb aya hai.or woh interview kay liya bula rahay hain.mera id card next year expire hoga.mujhay batayeen mai kis tarah say id change karon tu phir mera passport banay ga

        • W’salam, ap apna marital status change kreayen. Then jb ID expire hojy to wo b marital status k according (single) update hoga. Agr ap phly apna ID bnwana chahti hen then call at 1777.

    • We are not confirm whether you can change the marital status using foreign certificate or not. You can call at helpline 051-111786100 to ask the query.

  19. Dear Sir,
    I sent message on 8009 and found that one lady and one man are additional in family tree list. I sent text as 1 despite waiting 3 weeks, I did not get any call. What documents should i bring to NADRA to remove those two strangers from my record

  20. Sir meri sister ka nikha hua hay us k pass marriage certificate hay baki saas sassur or husband bahar hay or mujhy us ka nic banwana hay ju k first time bany ga or husband name say bany ga tu kia process hay wothour un k husband ka status update kiay kia huje ga yaha say hi waha say wo online bhi nahi kar sakty unhe nahi ata

  21. my husband has left 4 years ago and said divorce over text but not provided divorce paper. I have changed my name and title 2 weeks ago in UK via deed poll, I want to change update my name on Nadra which I can see is possible but I also want to update my martial status, is this possible without divorce paper?

  22. My father and mother divorced in UK before my mothers death in 2006. He returned to Pakistan and set unmarried on his Nadra card. System does not allow his sons to apply for a POC card as says his status unmarried. What should we update his card to and how should we do it.

  23. Does a husband also have to update his CNIC and Passport after marriage? or only wife has to do? and by update does it means new CNIC and Passport or just update within nadra system?

      • His status should also be changed from single to married? Or if he doesn’t need any change then does it create problem while registering ur kids b form with nadra in future?

        • Hi Rabia, in some recent developments NADRA no longer forces to change the girl’s status from father’s name to husband. So, it’s optional for the wife to change it or not. But in the future, it may need the kid’s documents. That’s why it is recommended to modify it before husting at the hour of need.

  24. Assalamualaikum Bhai
    mere wife Pakistan Mai hain Mai unky cnic pr modifications krwana cahta ho husband name ki father name ki Jaga …. unho NY nadra Ka office visit Kiya tho wo kehty hain KY apna husband ko kaho KY wo embassy ka kr pehly apni identity confirm kryn. iska koi hal?

    • W’salam brother, apni wife sy khein k apna ID card aur marriage certificate (nikkah nama) ly jain aur apka id card b present krein. Also, wife sy khein k kisi 1 mother ya father kjo b sth le jain!

  25. Assalam-0-Alaikum.
    Hope you are fine by the Grace of Allah.
    Dear Sir.
    My name is Muhammad azeem
    I want to change my marital status from my CNIC .My marital status is unmarried i want to change my status to married plz

    • W’salam, Muhammad Azeem kindly visit to your nearest Nadra Centre to change your marital status. Make sure to go with you CNIC of couple & Nikkah Nama!

  26. Dear Sir,
    A.O.A, my name is Hamid Faraz whereas while making CNIC of my wife, she told her name Rahila Gul (Gul from father side) instead of Rahila Hamid, now I just want to change her name from Rahila Gul to Rahila Hamid, please guide me.

  27. Aslam O Alakum,
    My Afghanistani wife applied for POC. Application requirements are completed and application is in process but, NADRA wants from me to update my marital status.
    How to update my marital status online
    please guide me regardingly.


  28. Hi, My wife’s marital status is updated but not mine. Now I am not able to get my child’s birth certificate from the union council.

    Question 1: To update my marital status (online or Nadra Office) my ID card will be reprinted? And it will take 30 days or so? I mean there is no marital status detail on the card. Do we still need to reprint it?

    Question 2: My brother is having the same issue and he is not in Pakistan currently. Can I apply for his marital status change on behalf of him?

    • Hi Fazal,

      Answer # 1: Yes once you apply for a modified card you’ll get the new card with updated data on it. While, the delivery time depends upon the service you selected. You can check the expected processing time above.

      Answer # 2: If your brother isn’t currently in Pakistan. He can apply online for change in marital status at

  29. Hi, I am Changing my marital status from unmarried to married through online process. Offcourse after rukhsati I am living at my husbands place. Do I need to update my address as well?? Is it ok if I dont?

    • Hi, it’s better to change your address to the new one. Because after the marriage your new home (husband’s home) is the permanent residence where all the further documents will be issued (bank account opening & others as well).

      • AoA sir ,
        Ma Ireland ma ho or Mara CNIC Pakistani hn or
        Many online Pakid per apna marriage status change karny ky liye apply kiya
        In Pakistani CNIC per modify update option select kiya
        Per in personal details ma change he nai horaha tha option locked the . Or new be nai ban rahi the or cancel be nai ho rahi the
        Asye he many applications complete ki .
        Ab ma usy cancel karna hn Wo kasy hogi
        Please btye kaya Karoo

        Many thanks

  30. Sir kea nadra me wife ko married register krwany k leae dono husband wife ko jana parhta ? Ya nikah naama aur id card ke copies laee jaee wife to status change ho jae ga dono ka from single to married?

  31. Aoa, we have a family friend namely Asma . Her marriage was done with namely Ahmed , There were 1 son and 2 daughters . Ahmed has given Talwar to Asma . After ifdat Asma married with Farooq who have already one son and one daughter from 1st wife . mr farooq and Asma has one daughter . Now Mr Farooq died and there are many property issues are came . Request confirm is it possible to change status of Ms Asma from
    Mrs Farooq to her Father name or no name of husband .
    Request advise.

    • W’salam. Mubeen you can visit Nadra Center to resolve your query by submission of an application. Or contact at official helpline by dialing 1777.

  32. Hello
    I want to ask that how can I change my CNIC from married to unmarried because my divorce papers are lost.
    Is there any way to apply for changing CNIC

  33. My First Wife is name showing my name in Nadra , now i want to add my second wife but Nikanama not available. Please advise solution. With first wife still divorce matter pending.

  34. hello, me and my husband living abroad we are applying for my baby NICOP but the status of my husband shows is unmarried how I change his status online? because we are not in pakistan. thanks

    • Hi, the same way you’re applying the child NICOP. On the Pak Identity website you’ll see the modifications of marital status on CNIC first apply for that changings. Once you’ve got the approval. Then apply for your child document. I hope this way you won’t find any issue.

  35. sir. meri wife ka i.d card mary name k sath nai bana hwa. but nadra may hamara nikah nama register ha. ab main dubai may hun or meri wife pakistan may. or hamary 2 bachy hain. ak ki age 4 sal ha. or ak ki 10 mahiny. so main ab un ko apny pass bulana chahta hun to mary bachon ka passort kasy bany ga or meri wife ka id or passport mary name k sath kasy bany ga. kon kon docoumets chaey please bata dain.

    • apna original documents (nikkah nama, ID) k sth Nadra Center Visit krein aur changing k liye apply krdein. Bacho ka b b-form apply krdein aur phr passport bnwaye.

  36. Salam Hussain Bhai,

    I’m in UK but I only have CNIC not NICOP, Do I still have to select Modify NICOP for martial status change to married? or should I select Modify NIC?

  37. Hello Hussain!
    You are doing an amazing work!
    I recently got married and got my computerzied Nikkah Nama. But on my Nikkah paper my wife martial status says unmarried but she was divorce. How can I fix this issue? Although my wife is a US citizen.

  38. aoa ma ny pochna tha k wife k name change change krny k lia mera original id tu zarori ni ha agr photo copy ho tu phr b change ho jy ga na name ???

  39. Hi I’m married to an Australian citizen, he holds a NICOP. I visited NADRA this morning for our FRC but they said my husband needs to change his martial status on NICOP. Can you please tell how can it be changed?
    Does he need to visit the consulate there please guide.

  40. Mera 2 mahine pehle nikkah hua tha mgr nadra me status change nae hua. shohar USA me hota ha. ab khula le rai hu to kya mje nadra me ja k kuch documents jama krwane hoge. or agar nxt kisi jga shadi hui to us k liye konse documents chahiye hoge

    • Agr apny phly status change nhi krwaya to database update nhi hua hoga. Secondly, new marriage status changing k liye similar new docs required hngy. You can read the post thoroughly I mentioned the process and requirements.

  41. Dear Hussain Bhatti
    My friend wanted family registration certificate from NADRA he lives in abroad and want to send visa document to his wife. for this purpose embassy wants FRC. His wife visited to office, but his passport having marital status:single. Now NADRA asked his wife to update the information online he has searched a lot but couldn’t found can you tell me where he get this information to update his marital status from single to married in passport so he can get FRC

  42. salam Mera name Ishaq afridi hae Mae nay wife ko card banaya hae our card mery name pe bana diya geya Lekin masla yae hae k card Mae shadi shoda nahi ho to Muji sirf spouse ad Karna hae ab muje keya Karna Hoga online ad Hoga card mery name pe bana hae

  43. AoA, Allah blessed me a baby and when I go to Union council office for baby birth certificate but they asked me to also change my marrital status from NADRA office. UC officer told me that NADRA will change easily just I have to pay them 100 Rupess. Buy when I visited NADRA Office the officer required me to renew my CNIC also even my CNIC has not expired yet, then why I have to renew CNIC just for change of my status?

    • W’salam, the fee someone told you Rs.100/- is not correct. In order to get your child’s registration it is necessary to have the updated marital status on your ID card. Also, even if the expiry date is not near you have to apply for an updated CNIC. Because these are linked together.

  44. mere pass marriage certificate buna neekah nama Main apni wife ka statue change Karna chataa hon kia Karna paray ga kia documents chayie

  45. Assalam Aleyikum,
    You are doing a great job to helping people.
    I divorce my wife 12 years ago and I lost my divorce certificate or nikah nama. I don’t have any proof.
    Now, I have to change my status from married to unmarried.

    • W’salam, first you should have something to show for status changes. If you lost the documents, tell them (NADRA) to extract it from their record files. I hope so this will fix out your issue.

  46. Dear
    Mr. Hussain Bhatti
    Assalam u Alikum
    First of all I want to congratulate for being so helpful for people
    I want to asked you about merital status i have married in karachi and Nikkah nama is also Registerd from karachi and i am from Lahore now i want to make daughter birth certificate
    1Q is there need to registered nikkah nama in Punjab?
    2Q is it need to be change wife id card from my name?
    Ahmad Ali

    • W’salam,

      Glad to know you’re getting help from our content.

      Answer 1: No there is no need to register Nikkah Nama in Punjab.
      Answer 2: Changing wife’s status to your name on ID is vital. While, the process of Child certificate can require update ID data. Lastly, it will be helpful in near future when your kids start their education.

  47. اسلام و علیکم
    جناب مجھے اپنے بچوں کے کا فارم بے بنوانا چاھتی ہوں لیکن میرے شوہر کا انتقال ہو گیا ہے۔ اور نادرا کے آفس میں جانے کے بعد پتہ چلا کے ان کے کارڈ میں میریٹل اسٹیٹس غیر شادی شدہ آ رہا ہے ۔ جبکے ان کے انتقال کو 5 سال سے زیادہ کا عرصہ گزر چکا ہے۔ اس سلسلے میں مجھے کیا کرنا ہوگا میریٹل اسٹیٹس کو تبدیل کرنے کے لئے ۔ اور کیا طریقہ کار ہوگا جبکہ میرے سسرال والوں سے تعلقات بھی ٹھیک نہیں ہیں۔ اور میرے مرحوم شوہر کا شناختی کارڈ بھی میرے پاس نہیں ہے۔ نکاح ناما ہے اور ڈیتھ سرٹیفیکیٹ ہے ۔

    برائے مہربانی
    مشورہ عنایت فرما دیں

    • وعلیکم السلام، اپنی دستاویزات کے ساتھ نادرا سنٹر تشریف لائیں۔


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