Pakistan tum he to ho!

Being Pakistanis we all know that our country is far beyond from what people are aware of. Pakistan is the land of the pure and apart from a few incidents and particular areas under focus, Pakistan stands as one of the most beautiful countries which is full of culture, rich in history and has magnificent landscapes that leaves one yearning for more.

In the splendid years of existence, Pakistan has blessed us with so much to be thankful for; a freedom to create our identity, opportunities to grow as a nation, and the courage to hold our head high and prosper as independent individuals. Now is the time that we give back to this wonderful nation of ours and let it be known that Pakistan stands as a nation proud, a nation united and a nation rising.

In order to highlight and promote the positive side of Pakistan, which focuses on national heroes, national achievements, cultures, festivals, food, sports and promotes tourism, Ufone is initiating a campaign with the name of ‘Pakistan tum he to ho’.

We have created a website,, through which we can portray the deserving image of Pakistan in the global arena and remove all misconceptions that are present.

You can contribute to this noble cause by logging on to the website and sharing with the world what Pakistan is to you. You can upload videos, photos, articles, literature or any story that you feel will help enhance the positive aspects of Pakistan and elevate it to a level which will make this nation proud.

So spread the word and tell everyone to reach into their hearts and tell their story of Pakistan.